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At Megaafya polyclinic, we believe food is the first medicine for human health, and it remains the most consumed toxin if not taken care of. At megaafya polyclinic, we provide evidence-based advice on eating to keep yourself healthy. We are also aware that food contributes significantly to treating obesity, cholesterol, hypertension and diabetics. Our team of dedicated doctors with a particular interest in food as part of comprehensive treatment and nutritionists will offer you a compelling way to eat healthily and live to the fullest.
Therefore, our services include but are not limited to;

  • Food is the first medicine to what you are sick.
  • Food as toxins how to reduce toxins.
  • Food in the process of preventing, controlling, and managing chronic. diseases such as diabetics, hypertension, cholesterol, strokes, etc.
  • How to achieve a balanced diet with what you have at home.
  • Preparing and cooking healthily.
  • We have many packages that you can take and us.

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